• It's production Big data analysis and monitoring service for efficient smart factory construction and operation.

  • Data, Seeing is the beginning
    Let's act on the analyzed data

Major Functions

Introduce the key features of Interone, the big data based on the company’s manufacturing innovation.

Status of integrated
operation of factories

Optimizing operational efficiency of
the whole factories, Minimizing operational loss,
Improving the operational ability
through improvement activities.

Status of integrated
predictive analyses

Predicting operational efficiency of factories and
preventing problems in advance.

Status of integrated

Solving problems promptly
by events and notices.

Status of production

Analyses of productive capacity,
Analyses of production plans,
Analyses of production execution,
Analyses of actual outputs,

Status of quality

Analyses of quality costs,
Analyses of quality prevention,
Analyses of quality evaluation,
Analyses of quality failure.

Status of stock

Analyses of receipts and payments,
Analyses of stock management,
Analyses of stock improvement,
Analyses of stock prediction.

Status of facilities

Analyses of facility ability,
Analyses of facility operation,
Analyses of maintenance activities,
Analyses of maintenance expenses.

Status of environment safety

Analyses of the status of environment,
Analyses of environment inspection,
Analyses of environment improvement,
Analyses of environment prediction.

Status of energy

Analyses of energy usage,
Analyses of energy costs,
Analyses of energy plans,
Analyses of energy improvement.

Block diagram

Analysis of manufacturing big data and monitoring services

Quantitative Effects

By analyzing and monitoring data on factory operation, Interone can identify and solve reductions of productivity in real time. Also, through improvement activities, it’s possible to manage productivity improvement continuously.

Qualitative Effects

Interone can support scientific decision-making by data. Also, it can secure data transparency and reliability between members. In addition, Interone secures business culture that can communicate and collaborate with data based, as well as the ability to operate data-based smart factories.

Let's secure manufacturing big Data Analysis and Monitoring Services with Interone.